Happy Birthday!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAE!! This is a scheduled post, since I won't be home when is your birthday and I probably won't even have i...


This is a scheduled post, since I won't be home when is your birthday and I probably won't even have internet there *if by some miracle I manage to tell you Happy Birthday on facebook that day, I'll be the happiest person in the world*

Soo... getting older, huh?
Let's start with a little history lesson. Our friendship history.

That site will forever be in my heart, since it's what brought us together. I actually couldn't believe I met you, you were *and still are* the sweetest person I've ever met.. You know how shitty my life was back then and without you, I'm not even sure I could've gotten over everything that was going on at the time. To have someone like you in my life... it was so surreal. I remember we were giving advices to one another, trying to help each other out as much as we could. I keep reminding you how important it was when you told me you started tennis again thanks to me, you were literally the first person I've ever inspired to do something and it's the most vivid memory I have.

When we started making videos, it was probably the best time we've had. We were goofing around, making clips about absolutely nothing *swimming with the sharks.. and the dolphins.. and the butterflies... singing like crap* and yet everything.
We were having fun. In a way, it brought us together, it actually felt like you were in Romania and I was in Philly. 
The best vids we've had are definitely the ones where we were answering each other's questions, because I was getting to know you better and you were getting to know me better, little by little *we should do those again soon*
I remember when you said there was a neighbor looking weird at you cause he thought you were talking to yourself  XD I remember all the times I talked for like half an hour and then realized my mic wasn't plugged in, so I had to do everything all over again. This happened a lot, actually. More times than you could possibly imagine.

Ok, so basically our discussions on facebook were 'OMG YOU'RE ONLINE! MESSENGER. NOW.'
We talked like mad on messenger. I miss that *stupid timezones and school*. The best discussion we've had is definitely about your art teacher. Definitely.

When our letters FINALLY arrived *after 2 month waits*, I bet we were both screaming like crazy, making dying whale noises and nose-bleeding. Seriously, I felt like I was in a Dear John story, eagerly waiting for the next letter to reach me. It was SO funny and frustrating as well when we were trying to figure out what the hell were we writing wrong in the address area.. "write Jud. N-NO, don't write it!! uhm.. let's go with Jud. actually, I bet that's the right way.. OH GOD!! IT'S WRONG!"

My birthday
The best gifts I've ever received are from you. Why? Because they're thoughtful gifts. Because I can see that you put a lot of work in what you did for me *learning the happy birthday song in romanian, I mean c'mon, that was unbelievable* Making a vid where everyone at your school is saying Happy Birthday Ella, taking a photo with tons of people holding a sign that says Happy Birthday, that's... that's more than I could've asked for. And it showed me how much you can achieve. It also showed me what a great, one of a kind friend I have.

Your birthday
I know I won't ever top what you did for me. I don't have your imagination, I don't have your mad skills of learning an entire song in a difficult language. I can't even find the proper words to at least leave a nice message for you on your birthday. As Henry David Thoreau says, "The most I can do for my friend is simply be his friend."

Ang gawa sa pagkabata, dala hanggang pagtanda.
You're a grown woman. You were from the day I met you. Whatever you do from now on, these years that are about to come will slowly shape the person you're going to become. And I'll be there at your every step, every goal you'll achieve, every bump in the road you're gonna stumble over so I can help you get back on your feet.

Maligayang Kaarawan!
As one smart person said on May 21, I'm now saying on August 12:
Just be happy and gay and gay and be happy.

P.S.: Expect a package.

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  1. Out of everything that I received from my birthday this is my favorite one. Oh Ella, you know how much of a cry baby I really am. ^^♥ Thank you sooooooooo much. I appreciate EVERY SINGLE THING that you have given to me and all the times that we are together are always my favorite moments. You are more precious to me than you can ever imagine. Waaaaaaaaaaaah. WALE SOUNDS ARE NOT ENOUGH. ALL THESE FEELS. THANK YOU :(((( U're the best <3