The Avengers

  So I went to see The Avengers today. No big deal, you know? It's just a mooovie.. IT WAS FREAKIN' AMAZING AND IT WAS 3...

  So I went to see The Avengers today. No big deal, you know? It's just a mooovie..

IT WAS FREAKIN' AMAZING AND IT WAS 3D! The first 3D movie I've ever seen. And it was The Avengers!!
First of all, the cinema we have here is not usually crowded. In fact, when I went to see The Hunger Games we were.. roughly, 8 people so I was like wtf, how's this place still standing?
And today I understood how. We were all basically stumbling on each other's feet while we were trying to get inside in time!! We took our fancy 3D glasses (which by the way were NOT made from white paper as my magazine ones were) and got in our seats and all went crazy when we saw Loki and The Avengers.. It was perfection. Pure epicness. Your ovaries will explode from seeing The Avengers avenging Earth.

  First of all, Mark Ruffalo is THE Hulk. They couldn't have picked a better actor, he portrays him so well, all that rage building up and his calm-self... The movie did justice for Hulk, big time. He blends in perfectly with the story, without him I can safely say it wouldn't have been as good as it is.
  And I love Mark Ruffalo. Like crazy love, ever since I saw him in Zodiac. So yeah, watch that movie too, in case you haven't already.
  I'm quite fond of his scenes with Tony Stark, because Tony has so much respect for him, it was a... unique and beautiful sight to see our Stark in such manner.

  We all know how great RDJ is as Tony Stark, no need to remind you that. I will say though that he had an amazing, amazing moment that shows Iron Man is a real hero, despite many thinking he's, well.. a brat.
   Scarlet Johansson looks damn hot in her widow suit, and I adore her fighting, but at times I wasn't really fond of her acting and at times I loved her.
   Chris Evans, as always, did a beautiful job as Steve Rogers. I missed watching him as Captain America.. of all the Avengers, I always thought he's the true hero, because he's the self-sacrificing type, caring more about the others rather than himself. You'll see a lot of him with Tony *fangirl grin*.
    I admit, before seeing this movie, I couldn't really say I was a fan of Hawkeye. But I was sure proved to be wrong! He's an extremely interesting character that's definitely worth to be watched.
    Thor and Loki. Oh god, my Thor and Loki feelings...

    I just want them to make-out already, they're brothers! I'm sure that deep, deep, deep Loki's vengeful heart, he wishes to stick with his brother too. He just need a little push.... more than a little. Their scenes in this movie were bittersweet... so beautiful, and yet so painful. Though I hate seeing them apart, I do understand where Loki's hate is coming from. He feels like all his life was a lie and that he was being fooled by his father. He feels like all those years in Asgard, he's just been a shadow. Thor's shadow and that no one had taken him seriously. He's just a baby that needs a hug :(

  So. If you have watched the movie, leave a comment below, I'm dying to know your opinions. And if you haven't, you should see it already! Even if you're not a cinema person, it's worth it.. All these superheroes in just one movie? It shouldn't be missed.

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  1. I saw it yesterday and I agree with you, it's amazing!

  2. Watch out for Thanos in the sequel...

  3. Love your RAVE review! I agree with the Hulk being perfectly done. I loved his character. ALMOST as much as the Cap. :)