My top 5 Netflix series

      It's no secret to anyone who knows me: I watch so many TV shows that I gotta multitask in order to have enough time for them al...

      It's no secret to anyone who knows me: I watch so many TV shows that I gotta multitask in order to have enough time for them all, hence eating while watching Hannibal for example, which is never a good idea but do I ever learn.
I began to think of Netflix shows as my guilty pleasure though. Every time a new season of a show is up, I vegetate in my bed for an entire day or two and binge watch it, cause that's how the pros do it. When I realize it's over so quickly though and on top of that, they leave me with a cliffhanger, I'm thinking why do actors even get breaks?? Don't they know we're waiting YEARS for them?

I'm an ungrateful lil shit, I know.

Here's my top 5 Netflix original series that I swoon over (in order):

5. Hemlock Grove

I am positive this was the very first Netflix show I've watched. I remember I used to think: finally, something more original, even though it's got werewolves. I was sick and tired of always watching the same old thing ever since Twilight. And let me tell you this, to this day I have never seen a human shift better into a wolf than I have seen here. That scene left me in awe. It was so... raw, so unbelievably new to my eyes, it even got me thinking YES, THAT MUST BE HOW THEY TRANSFORM. IN REAL LIFE. You can easily find the transformation on Youtube, but prepare mentally for it. It is gory. But it is also glorious. Just like the entire show.

Soundtrack's pretty great too, you should check it out.

4. Orange Is The New Black

I love a show that writes women so well. I literally can't stress this enough. Do you girls ever wonder why you hate a female character on a show? No, it's not cause she's a bitch or awful or an ass. It's cause her character was written poorly (do I even have to get started on Supernatural? no.) You see, in OITNB I like each and every one of them. I understand where they're all coming from when they do or say something, because the writers have taken their time with each of their storylines. The casting is a big, BIG yes too. Talent. Talent everywhere.

3. Daredevil

To be completely honest, my top 3 are all kind of in the first place. So basically, I'm telling you that these shows have to be seen pronto. Asap. Ahora. Not even sure if I spelled that right.


*manly trailer voice* IN A WORLD... Where we pretty much had to settle for mediocre superhero shows, comes the Netflix hit series that will make you go crazy. CRAZY FOR THE TWO AVOCADOS AT LAW, Murdock and Foggy! Experience one of the best openings in TV show history that you'll never skip and prepare to see some heavy ass kicking, injuring, cool super hearing, training, black-reddish glasses amongst characters you'll fall in love with (especially the guy who makes his suit, I mean how could anyone hate that guy???). Get annoyed when his super sick ninja suit gets traded for something red with horns.


Now, when is the new season coming up?

2. Marco Polo

I fangirl so hard over this show. It has everything I'm looking for. From an outstanding cast, to beautiful sights, amazing cinematography AND a blind dude who trains the main dude. This show is pure art. I could watch it time and time again and never get tired of it.

Also, since 80% of my music is basically just asian instrumentals, the opening of Marco Polo had me going YASSSSsss!!!

1. House of Cards

House of Cards got the first place, mainly because it's got one character that I feel so passionate about and that character is (no, not Frank), Claire! Don't get me wrong, I love Frank, a lot. But Claire... Claire is that type of woman you wanna have by your side. The one you wanna have at home with you, the one you wanna have a stimulating conversation with, the one who will bring out the best in you. Yes, I'm full lesbo for her.

Let's not forget that you get to see Kevin Spacey here, I mean how much better can this get?? One of my favorite scenes of him is actually his very first one in House of Cards or as I like to call it, the doggie scene. It has quite the impact.

If you haven't seen any of these shows, I have no idea what you're doing with your life. Being productive, maybe? Who needs that, when you've got werewolves and many women you're gonna adore and a cutie pie that's blind, a show that seems like the most beautiful painting ever made and a show that got you into politics?

Leave a comment below if you watch any of these series ^^

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  1. Nice choices! I watched the first ep of Hemlock Grove.. it was really strange lol and I was tired as so I fell asleep and didn't try again.. I have watched a couple of others... The 100 and Falling Skies. Daredevil is on my list :)

    1. Ahhh yes, the first episode wasn't much, but it gets better and better. I'm glad i didn't give up on it.

      The 100 is definitely AMAZING!!