My Video Game Crushes (we've all had them)

Do you know that feeling when you're playing a game, you see a character and then you're all I'd tap that ? Of course you do....

Do you know that feeling when you're playing a game, you see a character and then you're all I'd tap that? Of course you do. Don't lie to yourself.

Weirdly enough, I still remember my very first video game crush. Motherfucking Atton Rand from Knights of the Old Republic II. That fricking smug face.

For the longest time this has been my favorite game and the way they handled your character's relationship with him was perfect. Of course, the game is so much more than just this relationship, but we're talking about my crushes now. So don't judge.

Then I got to playing Neverwinter Nights 2 and a certain Gannayev a.k.a. Gann came along, with his smooth talk and pale fish-like face and I dug it.A lot. Don't ask me why, I still have no idea.

Awwwww. Yeah, it must've been his talking. Do people even talk like this anymore? I mean, besides Tom Hiddleston.

If you don't know the game, I highly recommend it. It's got such a beautiful and interesting story that you just cannot pass on.

My third crush is from a game that I can't believe it's so underrated: Jade Empire. That game kicks ass. Besides that, your character can have a romantic interest that's either a woman or a guy, so be as gay as you want. My personal favorite romantic interest there was Sky, a dude that has that samurai look that you can swoon over.

There's one scene that you get with your romantic interest that is so EPIC, you will save your game before it begins and keep on loading it till you've seen it enough.

Another crush I had is one which 90% of us who played the game had it. Alistair, from Dragon Age: Origins. Enough said.

I would play the game all over just for this guy. Thank god for Dragon Age and all it's glorious characters.

how you are when you see a character in DA
Did I say you get a love scene by the fire? :O

This feels like a sausage fest, so I gotta bring my women to the mix. Jade, from Mortal Kombat can easily kick your butt and I'm a strong women lover, so of course I had to add her as well.

she might need a better armor though
You've gotten to know my game crushes, so which are yours? ;)

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