Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I've read the most

this is an original meme created by the broke and bookish . to use this image, link back to naga sanctuary Top Ten Authors I've rea...

this is an original meme created by the broke and bookish. to use this image, link back to naga sanctuary

Top Ten Authors I've read the most

10. Tess Gerritsen

All hail the Rizzoli & Isles series!!

9. Laurell K. Hamilton

Big fan of Anita Blake, ever since her first book.

8. Karen Marie Moning

Only in her books am I able to both love and hate a character at the same time. How could I not include her when she gave me Barrons??

7. Charlaine Harris

The Sookie Stackhouse series sure was a big one. I really miss it reading it though :(

6. George R. R. Martin

His brilliant fantasy writing won me over.

5. Paulo Coelho

The love I have for his books is neverending. And Brida was even my first book that I've read!

4. Suzanne Collins

Well, we all know why she's on the list.

3. E. E. Cummings

Have read so many works from him... some I adore. Some I'm not sure what to think of them.

2. Edgar Allan Poe

Will not stop until I've read everything published by him. He is the master of his genre. I'm having a hard time picking a favorite from him, but I think I'm gonna go with... The Tell-Tale Heart. All of his stories stick with you though, long after you've finished reading them.

1. Haruki Murakami

And the first place goes to the one that always gets me out of a reading slump. The one that merges reality with fiction so well. The one that thinks of the most original stories I've ever read about.

What's your top ten? :)

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  1. I've been wanting to read the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning for a while now! I'm definitely a GRRM fan too. Nice list!

    1. Be careful when you start the Fever series though, they're so addicting you'll want to read all of them in the same day. Trust me, i've been there.

  2. I love your list! It is the first one that I have seen some of the "classic" authors on. Most lists include current authors. Yours had a great mix of both! Thanks for stopping by my list. Happy reading!

    1. Well, since I've read lots of books from them, I had to put them on the list. Though I can assume why the others had more current authors, nowadays a series can have tons of books ^^'

      Glad you liked it, Sarah!

  3. I could probably have included Edgar Allen Poe on my list, but because I've read most of his works from a huge collection it always feels like just one book to me!

    1. Ahh befoore I got a big book from him too, I used to read his work from much smaller ones which only had few of his stories in them. Which is why he's on the list now :)

  4. I forgot Poe on my list because all of them are so short I forget. But I love most of his works.