Brida, and its impact

            This is  the  book, when it comes to stories I thoroughly enjoyed, but it means so, so much more to me.             I di...

            This is the book, when it comes to stories I thoroughly enjoyed, but it means so, so much more to me.
            I didn't like to read. At all. Mostly, because I thought all the books were exactly like those we had to read at school. And I hated those and I still do, they're just a big no from me.
            However, one day at literature class our teacher said we're gonna have an hour of reading from time to time, instead of the usual talking about school books and each of us had to bring a book. One of our choosing - yes!!-
            I can't really remember what I brought first, but one of my colleagues had Brida by Paulo Coelho. After the literature class, I asked him if I could borrow it (to this day, I have NO idea why I did that, at that time I wasn't interested in books at all. 'twas DESTINY! or the Universe conspiring, for the first time, not against me). I read the synopsis on the back, started reading it in breaks and even in the classes that followed... He let me take it with me home and I finished it that very day. Yes yes, it's a 224 page book, it's small, but it was the first time I was finishing a book in such a short time. Maybe even the first time I actually finished a book.
            This was happening a few years ago. And I can't help but thinking... if my classmate wouldn't have brought this book, would I be reading today? Would I have my room filled with books? My favorite adventures aren't even mine, but somehow they were lived by me through them, so right now I can't imagine a world without me having 5, 6, 20 books to choose from and continue the adventure.

            The moral of this story...

            Don't think every book is like the ones you hate reading for school.

            It'll be hard at first, trying to figure out what you like to read most... contemporary, mystery, romance... Maybe you'll keep on searching. And maybe, in your continuous search, you'll realize it doesn't really matter, cause you got to read all of that.
            It's a nice feeling to know I'll remember the ideas and characters and worlds of people who wanted precisely that. It's a nice feeling to be able to tell my friends, maybe even my future kids about the wonderful stories of Neil Gaiman and how they instantly project you in another world. Or remember the hype of dystopia ever since The Hunger Games.
            Or reminisce of how a story completely changed my way of thinking.

            (still a bit bitter over the end, Paulo. whyyyy isn't she with Magus, Maria herself wonders in "Eleven Minutes" why everyone keeps running away from the ones they love)

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  2. Like you I fangirl over everything too! My aunty loves Paulo Cohello but I have never read his books before. It is strange how books can change your life a very crazy experience!

    1. All the books I've read from him are life changing. They really change your way of thinking.