Taking Leaps and Finding Ghosts review (but are they angry ghosts or kawaii ones?)

Name : Taking Leaps and Finding Ghosts Author : Janet Delee Series : - Genre : Paranormal Kindle, 238 pages This book has been prov...

Name: Taking Leaps and Finding Ghosts
Author: Janet Delee
Series: -
Genre: Paranormal
Kindle, 238 pages

This book has been provided by the author for an honest review.

Haunting, humorous, and hopeful, Taking Leaps and Finding Ghosts sparks the imagination and breathes unexpected life into everyday reality. 

Dreams aren’t just for the young, and Ginny Lawther is happy to prove that even at the age of fifty-eight she can still brave a leap of faith…she just needs a little prodding from like-minded individuals. Step one: place an ad in the local newspaper inviting other dreamers to form an Ideal Life Club. Step two: see if anyone shows up.
When Ginny meets four hopeful strangers at the first club meeting, she thinks they’re off to a great start.
Now it's only a matter of time before the sixty-something widow Hilda turns her crafting into a full-time career; the twenty-something Jerry becomes a professional musician; and the thirty-something housewife Lydia publishes her cookbook. That is, until the rugged divorcĂ©, Lee, sets a goal to solve his ghost problem—and upends all their lives!
Suddenly the support group isn’t just trying to navigate the ups and downs of pursuing their dreams; they’re also wrestling with a strange cast of spirits who keep interrupting their endeavors. What do these apparitions want? And why have they latched on to the Ideal Lifers?


I started reading this book with many, many expectations. Why? Because ghosts. That's a good enough reason. Ghosts make everything 100% times better.

Did it deliver? Welllll...

i wanna say yes.... but, no.

This book is all about people's dreams and their way to accomplish them. Now that's a beautiful thing, both to read and to make it happen. Seeing someone achieve their life-long goal fills you with happiness as well. However, the goals these characters had? One wanted to buy a cottage (i get this dream, i want my own house as well and it can be difficult, yes), one was into crafting, one wanted to be a musician but was too shy to sing on a stage in front of people, one wanted ghosts to stop harassing his workplace and one wanted to publish a cookbook. I get that these are dreams we all have, some mediocre, some higher to achieve, but this is a book. Why would I wanna read about someone dreaming of publishing a cookbook??

This is the place where you can go insane with your writing. The book is your world, so why make it so... meh? Make them dream of yachts with unicorns on them, make them dream to go on a safari and write all about the animals that they got to see there and what a life-changing experience that was, make them go to a shaman and learn a different perspective on life, make them have dreams one would actually like to read about.

I get that they were supposed to be more realistic goals, I really do. This doesn't change the fact that when I read from the perspective of some characters, I became bored and this could've easily been avoided because the writing is quite good, the plot just needed a little bit more of a wow factor. This is a ghosts book after all.

I didn't feel that connected with the characters either and I feel like you have to be, in order to enjoy this story, because everything revolves around their little group.

This was a light book which I don't regret reading, honestly. Despite all of the things I disliked, I think I needed something a little bit lighter than my usual reads so it came at the perfect time.


Characters: 2/5 

Romance: 1/5

Pacing/Length: 3/5

Cover: 3/5

Plot: 3/5

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