The ramblings of a blogger: how much I'm reading? Still not enough.

Lately, I've been reading more e-books than physical ones and let me tell you, that sucks. Not that I'm complaining that I've...

Lately, I've been reading more e-books than physical ones and let me tell you, that sucks. Not that I'm complaining that I've got books to read, god no. It's just that I have a tiny tinyyy little problem with e-books, which is: I start way too many.

With physical books, my maximum number of what I'm usually reading is 6. I can't read more than 6 books at once or else the plots will get all mixed up and that will just be a book remix which actually, on second thought, sounds pretty good.

With e-books, if I have 50 of them on my device, I'm gonna start all of them. WHY?? I'll tell you why. Because I usually read what I'm in the mood for and thankfully, I've got everything covered: from mystery, to romance, to YA, to books about cute puppies.

I have no idea how this gets done after all, with me still remembering what's going on in these books, whose father that one is and what creature is that and which sister is still alive. It's a lot to take in, but somehow, when I'm finishing like 4, 5 books all at once, I feel satisfied. And all those stories I've assimilated all at once overwhelm me more than they would if I read them separately, so to speak. All those feels just come flooding in!!


Right now, I'm jumping between review books (2 of which I'm almost done with, yesss!!!), some YA ones from series I've started long ago and I thought it was time to get back to them, some Bukowski and some photography ones and of course, last but not least, MY COFFEE has to be present.

i missed you, Iron Fey series <3

I often find myself wishing I had more time to read though. Years, years ago, I thought of reading as more like a chore rather than a hobby, thanks to how the school system is nowadays. I didn't feel any pleasure or accomplishment when I finished one, I just thanked god it was over AND NOW I DO THIS FOR FUN? Hm. Who would've thought.

I'm certainly glad that I got to see what an enriching activity this is and also, that I'm not just liking one genre, that I'm loving them all, which means I am not missing out on any good books.

I'd love to hear what your favorite genres are and what you're currently reading ^^
Leave a comment down below and let me know!

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  1. Wow, I can't imagine reading so many books at once! :) I usually have three going at the same time - one that I'm listening to (audiobook) usually while I garden or clean, one that I read (paper or Kindle), and one that I read with my son (usually a classic). As far as genres, I used to be fixated on YA, but not so much any longer. The fact is, not every book in any one genre is fantastic. And since life is short :) and there are so many fantastic books in the world, I gradually began to focus on finding & reading those. So, I read across genres, with a special penchant for fantasy. O zi buna si tie! :)

    1. 3 at the same time is still pretty awesome! We rock at this.

      YA could be AMAZING, it has so much potential, if only the books were different between one another. But it seems like 90% of the time when i'm reading YA, i'm reading the same thing over and over and over again. And i get that it sells, but at this rate i'm pretty sure it won't sell for that much longer.

      I somehow manage to find the fantastic books though, if you'd like i could recommend a few... but i need your goodreads, cause i'm pretty sure you've read a lot as well :))

      Thank you for stopping by!!

  2. Wow that is a lot of books at once. I am reading about 3 physical copies, listening to 1 audiobook and have about 3 ebooks going right now, but really I prioritize - I need to get this one done then I can finish reading another, that kind of thing. I am a bit envious of your ability to read SO many!

    1. You're reading lots of books at once as well :) Glad i'm not the only one. And i sort of prioritize as well, but it's more like... i'll read more pages of a book than i'll read of another.

      And honestly, it's a bit of a memory exercise for me, the more i do this, the better my memory becomes, so it's a win-win situation ^^

      Honestly, i'm envious of you and anyone who can pay attention to audiobooks, i keep focusing on anything BUT what i'm hearing in an audiobook XD

  3. I usually read 5 - 6 books at once too, haha. I love starting new books, I'm usually not very disciplined when it comes to actually finishing them (it helps if it's a library book, because I have a deadline to meet!) and, like you, I like every genre. I think that gives us a slight advantage over people who only like certain types of books. The more variety, the more fun! :)